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The Trading Floor is a social game based on auction-styled stock trading where you trade stocks and options with your friends and family. Each game lasts for a day, where you join a game as a stock broker with objective of buying stocks at low-price and selling at high-price, thus making most money from the trades. Unlike a real-world stock market, each game is limited to a single exchange, which can be public or private. In addition to trading, the Trading Floor brings a lot social aspects to the game such as building private exchanges, which can be only joined by your friends and expressing likeability for a company, which determines a Buzz for the comapny. Also, the members can view activities for other players in a game, view their gain/loss from the trading, view ranking of the players in terms of gain/loss and comment on their trades. At the end of a game, the top players for each game are awarded badges, which are permanently visible from their profile.

Build ExchangesJoin a GamePost Bids for TradingAccept Bids on the Floor
You can join exchanges created by your friends or build your exchanges. A unique game is started for each exchange, where member players trade against other member players. In order to view existing exchanges select 'Exchanges' option from the menu and browse exchanges. When you create a new exchange, you specify a exchange symbol, namd as well as a password to protect who can join your games. You can then let your friends know about the exchange symbol and password. A new game is started every-day between 3am-12pm EST. You can join a game currently running. When you join a game, you receive $10,000 in cash and portfolio with 10 companies (both stocks/options). You can also define your Favorite Companies, so that your initial porfolio will pick stocks from those companies. Note that in addition to your friends and family, a BOT would also your game, which would buy popular stocks from you (see Buzz Quote). In addition to buying and selling stocks/options, you can express how you feel about a company by liking/disliking/loving/hating. This in turn determines the buzz quote for that company. The more players like a company, the higher the buzz quote value that company would have. Unlike buying and trading stocks/options, which are limited to a single exchange (both public and private), the buzz quote is calculated across all exchanges. However, buzz quote is reset when the Trading Floor market is closed (11pm EST). Here is another benefit of Buzz Quote, the BOT player would buy stocks from you at the Buzz Quote price. So, if a stock becomes popular you can make more profit by selling it to the BOT. The Floor Bids show all companies available for buy or sell. When you post bids to sell or buy, the go to the floor bids. You can accept the bids that other players have posted for stock/option sell or buy on the Floor Bids. Note that when you post bids you specify the price for the stock but when you accept bids you don't negotiate. If you need to change the price for your bids, you can edit your open orders. Also, when you trade stocks or options, you are only trading to the people who are in the same exchange.

Quote LookupBuzz Quote Top Rankings
You can post bid to sell companies from your portfolio or post bid to buy companies by looking up the stock quote. Your portfolio shows how much cash you have available for purchase as well as any profit you made from trading. You can lookup stock/option quotes as well as latest news for the companies from Quote-Lookup menu option. You can also buy or sell stocks from the Quote-Lookup screen based on your portfolio. You can watch ranking of top players who have made most money with trading. The top players for each game get special badges that are visible on their player profile.

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